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By now most of you are aware of this amazing Stud Cock either by reading about him or getting beat by his progeny in the big One Loft and Futurity races around the U.S.

As the story goes, SURE BET bred by Ganus Family Loft was entered in the Vegas Classic in Las Vegas. As sometimes happens, he somehow injured his wing and returned weeks later. Victor Valenzuela offered to buy him and Mike Ganus sold him to Victor for $500 and the rest is history. Victor doesn’t sell pigeons and is a super person and really loves the sport. He loaned SURE BET back to GFL and I believe Victor now has him back.

There were several ways to obtain SURE BET birds. One way was to buy one direct off SURE BET from GFL for $4500 or more, if you bought one through an auction. Another way was to buy one from a son or dtr of SURE BET that a breeder purchased from GFL. Another interesting alternative was to buy proven grandchildren that performed well in big futurity races in the auction after the race was over.

My plan was not to put all my eggs in one basket by buying a direct son or dtr and hoping SURE BET “clicked” with that particular Hen. Even though I could afford it, this road seemed to be hazardous.

I decided to buy grandchildren of 2 direct children of SURE BET from 2 different Dams, spreading the risk even though they were never raced. To load the winning gene pool in my SURE BET family, I set out to acquire SURE BET grandchildren that proved themselves in big races when they were offered up for auction by the race sponsors. We were fortunate at great cost to acquire 7 in this way. In short, the acquired SURE BET stock we brought in come from direct children bred from 7 different Dams.

We also noticed that Victor did extremely well with SURE BET and the Bekaert Hen 1213 from our friend, Greg McKnight. We quickly purchased ”GREGORY”, a brother of 1213 from Greg McKnight, to add to our SURE BET family.

The SURE BET birds are doing well paired to our DREAM BOYS (why not) and our BLINDMAN JANSSENS, that recently in 2007 won 1st & 6th overall in the “TOUR DE TEXAS”, 4-300M races from 4 different directions, East, West, South and North in 6 weeks.

We are pairing the SURE BETS together for a late round of inbreds.

Following is a list of 1st place wins by direct children of SURE BET: